ElenaAklanova, 34 years old, Russia Write me
ElenaAklanova, Russia
JJ_TT, 37 years old, Russia I the kind, romantic girl, cheerful, with sense of humour. I like to study all unusual, new to me. Great pleasure I receive from dialogue with good people. The main thing in people for me is a honesty. I dream of the present happy family.
JJ_TT, Russia
Alenochk28, 37 years old, Russia I am lonely woman who searches for itself the present love and happiness. I beautiful, lovely, clever, kind, able to like and appreciate male their care and diligence. I was bothered with loneliness, already want to create the happy domestic, paradise cosiness and in it I need, that to me have...
Alenochk28, Russia
Veroni4ka123, 36 years old, Russia I'm very glad that you've paid attention to my profile. So let's get acquainted. A little about myself: I like doing things about the house (I can cook very well and like working on the interior of my home). At the same time I really like travelling and reading. I'm a rather communicative and...
Veroni4ka123, Russia
Sneguro4ka80, 36 years old, Russia I am a woman, 36 years old, seeking a man age from 38 till 58
Sneguro4ka80, Russia
Zulfira777, 49 years old, Russia hello!
Zulfira777, Russia
Vera_t, 37 years old, Russia Меня зовут Вера. Мне 29 лет. Я из России. Мне нравится заниматься спортом. Я очень люблю детей. И мне очень хочется их. Я хочу найти свою вторую половину. Человека понимающего меня, уважающего и любящего.
Vera_t, Russia
Solnishko321, 36 years old, Russia My name is Marina. To me of 27 years. I from Russia. I live in the small city of Kazan. I like to go in for sports, swimming, also I like to travel. I very much love ren. And I very much would like them. I wish to find second half. The person understanding me respecting and loving.
Solnishko321, Russia
Zipa49, 36 years old, Russia я красивая, умная! хочу познакомиться с мужчиной для брака
Zipa49, Russia
Krasavica777, 36 years old, Russia Hello
Krasavica777, Russia
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