Elena, 45 years old, Russia I am a lonely woman who dreams to meet a man to share a lonely life. I hope to find a man with whom I can create a happy, nice and strong family. I don’t want to feel emptiness in my heart any more. I want to love and to be loved. I am searching for a man who can bring a change into my life, who...
Elena, Russia
Natalia, 44 years old, Russia I have the wish to meet a good man who will value my love, who will be ready to enjoy different things with me and share our lives together. I want to give all my love to only man and to share everything with him… I have a dream to make him the happiest person in the world. I want to bring him...
Natalia, Russia
Tatyana, 49 years old, Russia About myself I can say that I
Tatyana, Russia
Valentina, 50 years old, Russia I am looking for a kind, reliable person with serious intentions who are ready to have a happy family full of love, trust and respect. I want to meet a serious man who knows what he wants. I dream to find a man who can care about me and it will be happy for me to care about him. I believe that...
Valentina, Russia
Rimma, 57 years old, Russia Hi! I am searching for a man with whom I can be the happiest woman in the world. I try to find an accepting, affectionate, cheerful and generous man who prefers to be active and doesn’t like a sedentary way of life. I’d like to meet a witty person because I appreciate people with a good sense of...
Rimma, Russia
Mariya, 33 years old, Russia I am looking for my soul mate. He will be the only person who I’ll give my love to. I want to find a romantic and delicate man who I’ll go through life with. I need to feel complete intimacy and confidence with this man and I dream to create a nice and happy family with him. I am really interested...
Mariya, Russia
NoNseNs777, 33 years old, Russia Раскрепащенный, общительный молодой человек
NoNseNs777, Russia
Kbctyjr, 51 years old, Russia Стройная женщина,с чувством юмора,скучать со мной не придется...
Kbctyjr, Russia
HIELFER, 48 years old, Russia В жизни много музыки
Nickell, 27 years old, Russia Обычный парень,ничего особенного!Понять что я за человек можно только при общени ;) Пиши,пообщаемся )
Nickell, Russia
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