Bidex7, 35 years old, Cote D'ivoire Welcome
Bidex7, Abidjan
g8i0datwvm, 24 years old, Cote D'ivoire I am a man, 24 years old, seeking a woman from 20 till 40
g8i0datwvm, Abidjan
db30datiki, 35 years old, Cote D'ivoire I am a man, 35 years old, seeking a woman from 25 till 55
db30datiki, Abidjan
7ackentujh, 33 years old, Cote D'ivoire iam miss karina johnson
7ackentujh, Boroko
gaig6c5sjt, 28 years old, Cote D'ivoire hot and y
gaig6c5sjt, Bouaflé
eunice24, 33 years old, Cote D'ivoire i am interested in you and i am a y lady whom needs to make some nice friendship and dont mind the race or culture nor language age is just but numbers all that matters is sincere heart kindly email me i have some things urgent to discuss with you on your acceptance its will benefit both of us in...
eunice24, Berlin
c4dkdatdmy, 31 years old, Cote D'ivoire I am an african decent lady, with great humour to love and tolerance.
c4dkdatdmy, Abidjan
eb4idatujd, 47 years old, Cote D'ivoire Hello, everyone I 'm Sasas , from Philippines .I have high school education, self employed in income activities not the type that knee on opposite for everything independent lady .I am single mother and once married .I like home activities, traveling and exchange of value and culture..
eb4idatujd, Makati
jenny225, 34 years old, Cote D'ivoire Hi am Jenny, i am single, i am very loving, caring and responsible person and i belive anyone i will meet here will be very happy and glad to meet me. And i really like reading and listining to music.
jenny225, Abidjan
suliat23, 35 years old, Cote D'ivoire I am very honest and committed person who likes to have life partner to be better half mine. I am very simple down to earth person who has suffered a lot and I am prepared to make new start with new life partner. I can say this because i am mentally alright.
suliat23, Abidjan
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